What is RPA ?


Robotic Process Automation “RPA” is the use of automation software. RPA allow you to handle repetitive and high-volume tasks mimicking human behaviour. These tasks took enormous human resources and time to be performed before the creation of robotic software. Let’s analyze the meaning of RPA word by word:

  • Robotic:Robots are the operative entities that are programmed to mimic human actions.
  • Process:Process is a highly defined sequence of actions; the defined actions lead to perform an activity.
  • Automation:Any process performed by the robots without the intervention of humans.
​Cost Reduction

Why does your company need to implement RPA ?

  • RPA is progressing quickly and becoming widely accepted for the following reasons:
  • Software robots operate 24/7.
    Software robots do not make mistakes humans do.
    Software robots perform the same repetitive tasks a human can do at a fraction of the cost.
    RPA is compatible with most of the business applications used nowadays. You do not need to adapt to new technologies or replace your current system.
    RPA is a powerful software tool that removes high-volume repetitive tasks from your workforce. Digital Impact’s RPA solution allows workers to focus more on improving the quality of the services rendered. As a result, your company delivers more value with higher margins.

    Why should go choose Digital Impact´s robotic software for your business?

    • Scalability:Digital Impact’s distributed architecture of servers and nodes allow you to scale flawlessly.
    • Cooperation between operations and IT:Digital Impact’s customer friendly software robots foster the collaboration between the IT and operations departments, from the design to implementation, boosting quality in construction and deployment.
    • Deployment possibilities:You can choose from virtual software robots to an on premises deployment.
    • Supports multiple OOS:Our software robots support all operating systems; Windows, Linux, and IOS.
    • Robust architecture:Our RPA software was intentionally designed in Java acknowledging that is the most suitable language to automatize complex processes.
    • Collaborative robots:You can control the robots through our state-of-the-art console, mobile app, or virtual assistant.
    • Monitoring:Digital Impact provide a single pane of glass console and hardware and software alerts to keep you up and running effortlessly.
    • Active Support:You don’t have to worry about losing revenue or working extra hours. Chat or email our experts to receive instant support.

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