What is ERP?


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a set of strategic management tools that enable smooth business progression. ERP software can be used by businesses worldwide to store, maintain, synchronize and manage relevant information in real time.

The ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning helps in the integration of all the business processes into a comprehensive information system, through a central database, which can later be accessed by the members of the organization.

In today’s tech advanced and constantly developing business environment, it is crucial that companies have the required tools to stay competitive. A flexible ERP is the answers to most of the operational issues a company face.

There are two types of ERP systems:

  • Closed source ERP:it is software distributed privately under a licensing agreement. Its code is not available to the public and, only authorized users can access it.
  • Open source ERP:it is software distributed publicly. The vendor usually releases a free and a paid version, but its code is available to read, modify and share.
Enhanced Productivity
Cloud Functionality

Why does your enterprise need an OSS ERP?

with the help of OSS’s efficient ERP system the employees spread across different departments of a firm can access the information from a single source at any point in time. It helps in increasing productivity and efficiency across all channels. In other words, ERP reduces the efforts and time consumed by the workforce to do their daily activities.
an efficient ERP has the potential to generate important information in the form of reports at any time. The OSS ERP software makes thorough analytics possible and has the capability to compare functions across departments thereby eliminating the need of different spreadsheets.
The most significant benefit of OSS’s ERP system is its excellent data security. The cloud-based OSS ERP system provides a higher level of protection compared to a legacy on-premises ERP. There are round the clock security experts to make sure that the servers are adequately protected.
In the OSS ERP a system admin can provide database access to each person in the organization, thus making all kinds of data and information accessible to every member of the team. This process delivers greater visibility ensuring a smoother and complete tracking of the workflow.
The OSS ERP system is completely Customizable. You can easily choose which of the ERP’s components suits them best. Most of OSS ERP offers different method of deployment such as on-premise and cloud based.
The most recent OSS ERP offer cloud access allowing its clients to test their developments or to do beta tests from anywhere in the world.

Why should go choose Digital Impact´s OSS ERP services for your Business?

  • Specialized in ODOO Implementations:Digital Impact specializes in ODOO implementations. ODOO implementations combine all the features of traditional ERP with all new cutting-edge modules to create a powerful platform that can meet any business's needs, across industries. Being home for more than 100 world class experienced in Python and PostgreSQL, Digital Impact’s is your ideal IT partner for ODDO implementations.
  • Attractive and User Friendly UI:ODOO’s OSS ERP UI offers a comprehensive and wide range of themes and templates with making the navigation experience effortlessly.
  • Flexibilty:The advanced version of the software is highly flexible. It can be integrated with your existing set of work and customized accordingly.
  • A modular platform for your business:ODOO offers a variety of modules to make your business process productive and effective. You can begin with the basic modules upgrading later on to a higher level as your business grows.
  • Economic and Long-Term Solution:You can enjoy the services of ODDO by a fraction of a Closed ERP with more functions and features that you can get with CSS.
  • Availability of wide functionality:ODOO has more than 10,000 apps which perfectly integrated with the central database from sales management, accounting, HR planning, resource management, warehouse management, CRM, projects, e-commerce and many more. All these functionalities make it the best choice.
  • Regular Updates:With more than 20,000 enthusiasts and developers, regularly contributing to its community worldwide and 100 working dedicatedly at Digital Impact, be sure you will be ahead of the wave.

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