What is Data Analytics?


Data Analytics is the science of predicting future behavior based on the analysis, and interpretation of raw data generated by devices. It is a combination of having a large amount of data, the right algorithms, and robust computer systems.

In other words, Data Analytics is the art of forecasting actions with a high degree of certainty using raw data generated by past behaviors. It is not an overstatement to say that businesses exist in a data-driven world and data keeps on growing at an alarming rate. Data Analytics offers insights into areas where you might be lacking ideas and can improve the effectiveness of how you govern your organization and its resources. 

Forecasting accuracy
Replacement support
Efficiency improvement

Why does your business need to implement a data analytics software?

  • Data Analytics brings you the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive. If well used, Data Analytics deliver cost reduction, higher revenues, new customers and reduce churn. Moreover, it can be used by different Departments of a company regardless of its size. Below, you can find examples:
  • An airport can reduce traffic jams outside the terminal with the use of data analytics. The airport connects with the software that airlines use to track planes during flight pulling live data. The data is compared with previous flights doing the same route, the bag carrousel availability, and the average time used to walk from the gate to the luggage area. As a result, the airport can text drivers in advance providing an estimated time for the passenger pick up.
    A small restaurant business owner can forecast the amount of food, refreshing drinks and additional headcount needed for the month based on a regression of weather conditions and historical sales figures.
    A medium size company in the shipping business can potentially avoid a truck crash predicting the best moment to change the tires based on the mileage, road conditions, and the average speed of previous drivers.
    Companies in the transportation industry can suggest alternative routes to its customers using prescriptive analytics with an application like google maps which offers alternative routes with less traffic congestion based on live traffic.

    How does Digital Impact’s data analytics services deliver value to your business?

    • Digital Impact built a customizable and cross-industry data platform from scratch. Our Data Analytics platform which includes a business intelligence “BI” dashboard follows one of the most recognized layered data architecture frameworks ever designed. Bellow, you can find some of our differentiators:
    • Definition of the desired outcome:Experience project owner with data science skills work with you to define the best insight based on the data available and business objectives.
    • Product owner:Digital Impact assign a product owner to each client. The product act as an intermediary between your company and the development team.
    • Cross-functional agile teams:We support agile developments like scrum. Each project has a small development team of engineers with cross-functional capabilities.
    • Transactional to behavioral thinking:Our teams are trained to be outcome-centric. Decisions are made based on customers’ behavior rather than the transaction itself.
    • Granularity focused:Our experts are experts mining data. We know the value granularity for identifying patterns. We extract data from any database vendor or software provider, via SQL or API, amongst other methods.
    • Data lab experience:We create a virtual data lab for our team to learn from your data. Once the insights are obtained, our product owner works with you on finding potential new outcomes you initially never contemplate it.
    • Collaborative friendly:We create a feature that allows your team to experience and play with data, with checks and balances, and for a limited time. It fosters creativity and interest between the teams resulting in new valuable insights.
    • Business intelligence “BI” dashboard:Digital Impact’s real-time BI tool for data monitoring is powerful and customizable.
    • The speed of execution:Our platform provides a real-time database sync loading thousands of events per second. The incredible speed of execution is one of our major advantages.

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