What is App Development?


The world changed the day smartphones hit the shelves of the stores. Smartphones transformed the way people communicate, use the internet, and conduct business across the globe. With the smartphones came the mobile apps. A mobile app is a piece of software designed to work on a smartphone.

The largest mobile platform players in the world, Google and Apple, host over 2 million apps each. This large number of apps added to the 2.7 billion smartphones users provides a clear picture of the significant business opportunity of having a well-developed app.

Customer Retention
Customer Loyalty
Unimaginable Accessibility
​Leave the Competition Behind

Why does your business need an App?

It is perhaps the most important reason to build an app. A mobile app allows you to connect with your customer directly.
Brand recognition is crucial in this ever-changing market where hundreds of brands are created every year for each vertical. A well developed and promoted mobile app is an excellent tool for being in your customers’ minds.
Old marketing methods tactics are in decay. You don’t need to spend a fortune on marketing anymore. An app downloaded on your customer’s smartphone can be even more effective. Be it for informational use & promotions, bookings, account management, newsfeed an app feature them all.
A satisfied customer sticks with you. Apps are used to get customer feedback. Companies use this customer feedback to improve its products and services which circles back better customer retention as there is a direct correlation between those improvements and higher retention ratios.
It is nearly impossible and very costly to target consumers from different locations, countries, and communities. Being able to reach more than 1 or 2 billion people at an affordable cost was unthinkable before the smartphone invention.
The opportunity for new well-developed apps still huge if compared with the potential of reaching hundreds of millions of consumers. Apps are known as being one of the best methods to communicate with customers. That said, a user-friendly and robust well-developed app can help your company to differentiate from the competition.

Why should you choose Digital Impact´s App development services for your Business?

  • Cross Platform Apps:Digital Impact programmers have experience developing Android, IOS, Windows as well as cross- platform apps. Cross border apps work in different mobile platform allowing you to reach a large population in a cost-efficient way.
  • Hybrid Mobile App:At Digital Impact, we use all major platforms (JS, CSS & HTML5) and provide Hybrid Mobile App Solutions.
  • Enterprise Application Solutions:Digital Impact specializes in apps development for enterprises. We provide design, UX/UI, development, implementation, quality assurance tests, and support.
  • Dedicated Resources:Digital Impact provides dedicated resources for every project. Our programmers are experienced developers hired from the tech Universities.
  • Full Confidentiality:At Digital Impact we sincerely care about your data. We treat your data with the utmost confidentially following your requirements with no backup copies unless you or the law strictly enforce it.

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