What is e-commerce?


Also called as electronic commerce or internet commerce. It is any commercial transaction that is being done or facilitated through the internet.

E-commerce started back in 1994 when a man in America sold Sting’s music CDs to a friend via website. Now, it is a global market which is expected to reach over USD 4.8 Trillion in 2021.

Product diversity
Global Market
No Overheads
More Options

Why does your business need an E-commerce portal?

An E-commerce website gives you opens you the door to tap into a global market either you want to sell products or services.
You can offer a myriad range of products from your E-commerce platform. Companies across the globe experienced an increase in customers and revenue.
Potential buyers are more likely to make purchases when they can place an order instantly, rather than waiting in long lines at a regular store.
You can market your E-commerce platform through various channels such as Search Engines or Social Media Platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,). Having more marketing channels help companies to build brand awareness and gain customers.
You save a big chunk of money as don’t have to pay for retail space at famous locations. Moreover, you can reach a much higher number of potential customers without the burden of more extensive sales and operational force.

Why should you choose Digital Impact´s E-commerce solutions for your Business?

  • Intuitive In-store Experience:Digital Impact’s team can equip your stores with intuitive interfaces making the customer experience seamless with features such as multi-lingual support, recommendation engines, and multi-payment gateways.
  • Tailored Development: Digital Impact offers you limitless and unique designs. Our well-trained programmers can customize layouts, content, features and combine code written from scratch with the content management system of your choice.
  • Responsive Design:Websites built using Responsive Design ensuring a better user experience on mobile phones and tablets which translates into higher customer satisfaction and conversion ratios.
  • Personalization with AI:We can empower your E-commerce website with artificial intelligence tools like recommendation engine. It is the same technology used by mostly all the big players; Alibaba, Walmart, Amazon, and Netflix.
  • Freedom of Technology:With Digital Impact you get full liberty of choice over the content management system “CMS” for your E-commerce project. Be it Magento, Shopify or Woocommerce, “you chose & we develop”!

What is a recommendation engine?


Recommendation engines, also known as “recommenders,” are e-commerce applications which provide a better customer experience by recommending other items based on consumer’s shopping habits. In other words, a recommendation engine, as the name implies is a tool that provides recommendations.

Data scientists with experience in predictive analytics are the people in charge of optimizing recommenders. Data scientists’ main tasks are:

  • The design of the best possible algorithms.
  • Predict consumer behavior based on their browsing activity and recent purchases.
Revenue increase
The offer of add-on products
Predict future purchases
Reduce consumers purchasing time

Why does your business need a recommendation engine?

  • Recommenders is the best application to increase the revenue of your e-commerce portal and improve customer retention. Below are some of the prominent features of Recommenders that help you do that:
  • We live in a fast pace world where companies must be mindful and respectful about the time consumers want to invest searching and buying products and services through digital solutions.​
    Your client or potential client may know what he is looking for but can not find it. Recommenders find your alternative products to your needs.
    Recommenders offer complementary products which can increase the average revenue per transaction.
    Recommenders can predict future purchases based on the analysis of data collected from other buyers, the browsing activity and recent purchases of the visitor.
    Recommenders are responsible for up to 25% of the largest e-commerce platform’s incremental revenue.

    How does Digital Impact’s recommenders deliver value to your business?

    • ​Recommendation engine applications have evolved rapidly in the last ten years. There are five types of recommenders.Therefore, it can be confusing to decide which recommender is the right for your business without the help of an expert.
    • ​Digital Impact’s e-commerce talented group of experts work closely with your team in the following areas:
    • Qualification process:We qualify the type of recommender which suits you better based on your industry and customer’s needs. There are multiple choices. Perhaps, the simplest recommender is known as “Most popular item” is a good choice. Although, your business may be more suitable for an “association and market basket model,” “content filtering,” “collaborative filtering model” or even a “hybrid model” recommender
    • A modular platform for your business:ODOO offers a variety of modules to make your business process productive and effective. You can begin with the basic modules upgrading later on to a higher level as your business grows.
    • Software development:Our skilled team of e-commerce developers creates the recommender of your choice. The developers assigned to your project write the code from scratch using programming languages like Python.
    • Continuous product support:We are here for you not only to help you chose the right recommender and build it but also to make it better over time based on new data you will gather. Digital Impact’s provide product support for any software we write. Your brand-new recommender will not get obsolete overtime!

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