The big textile players like ZARA, Inditex’ Group, understood the importance of being agile and responsive implementing enterprise resource planning “ERP” also known as business applications years back. Digital Impact bring you the powerful combination of open source business applications and robotic process automation “RPA” with e-commerce solutions and artificial intelligence software providing the double effect of cost reduction and revenue increase.


Healthcare is a rich data industry with a large number of technology legacy systems. Digital Impact’s data analytics services developed around the six tiers of a layered data architecture framework, and our robotics process automation platform based on Java architecture delivers the insights and automatization your business requires to remain competitive.

Consumer goods

We understand the change occurred in customer behavior of the past few years where customers demand a flawless omnichannel experience. Digital Impact’s advanced e-commerce solutions provide your business with the intelligence and analytics tools you need to win and retain customers. Our ecommerce team are experienced with the top content management systems; wordpress, woocommerce and magento and the most used programming languages.

Supply Chain

The undergoing industrial revolution known as 4.0 requires manufacturers, and its satellites vendors not only to automatize but to innovate by capitalizing on the large amount of data gathered. The combination of Digital Impact’s robotic software, business applications, and data analytics tools help your business to achieve the economies of scale needed to succeed in such a competitive industry.


The evolution of customer’s habits and the increase in the data processed, generating billions of transactions, demands a combination of user-friendly e-commerce and application solutions, robust analytics, business applications and scalable robots to automatize financial repetitive tasks. Digital Impact is a one-time shop for your business where you can expect best of breed e-commerce portals, scalable robots and data analytics tools, delivering cost reductions, and valuable insights which turn into a higher customer retention ratio, revenue increase, and a quick return on investment “ROI”.